Want to Teach Overseas?



Are you wanting a change in your life now? Tired of the school system and ready to throw in the towel? Before you do this, consider teaching overseas!

My name is Alejandra Chavez. I have been teaching overseas for almost 20 years and my life has been incredibly amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing!

I am also a single mother of a teen and if you have ever had doubts about going overseas because you are single or you have kids- I’m here to tell you to STOP this kind of thinking right NOW.

Teaching and living abroad is amazing, very rewarding and the experiences you will have will change your life in many ways you never imagined- with or without your own kids.

Read more about my life here.

Stick around my lovely friend because I’m here to teach you the ropes and help you. Sound good?

In the comments section below tell me why you want to go overseas?
What has been keeping you from doing it?
What are your fears?
What are your questions?

I will be conducting live BLAB sessions, coaching courses, interviews with school heads all over the world to help you make this dream and new life possible.

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