What Are You Doing On July 13?


Hey, lovelies! Many of you around the world are wrapping things up in your classrooms and getting ready for a well-deserved summer holiday break. Feels good, doesn’t it?!!!
I get quite a lot of emails from teachers asking me to recommend really good PD courses, workshops and seminars and I generally DON’T because I want you to rest up, enjoy the break, tend to yourself, SLEEP IN, and not worry about school. However, I do know that many of you have to do some sort of PD so for this reason and for the first time EVER, I am going to recommend one workshop for these FIVE reasons:
1.  It’s FUN, meaning, it’s hands-on, you get to play along and it won’t feel like one of those boring workshops that feel like lectures. You know which ones I’m talking about.
2. It’s ONE DAY. Like I said before, this is your holiday, your time, your break. I do not recommend any workshops that are longs and eat up your days because you won’t feel refreshed and you’re going to feel robbed of your holiday.
3. It comes with PD credit. If you’re required to do some PD this summer, this workshop will give you a certificate you can waltz into school with to prove it!
4. It’s Patty Palmer’s workshop. If you love Deep Space Sparkle and the creative lessons and resources Patty puts together, then you will love this workshop.
5. You’re going to LEARN from Patty and six other amazing art teachers. Take your teaching to the next level with everything you’re going to learn in this one-day event. It can’t get better than that!
Are looking for a FUN Artsy workshop to do this summer? My lovely friend Patty Palmer from Deep Space Sparkle has something really special happening in less than a month and it has fun written all over it. She has put together a one day workshop you can do from home (Yeah! Think PJ’s and no commute!) and where you will learn and DO a ton of art that will set you up for the new school year.
Best part…this one day workshop counts towards 10 PD hours!
Patty and six other awesome presenters have put together some wonderful projects that will help you practice techniques and work with supplies so that you can step into your art room with knowledge and confidence.
• How to incorporate a variety of media, from crayons to watercolors to markers to acrylics into easy art projects.
• How to hack basic art supplies to achieve amazing results.
• The secret tips behind the stunning projects you see from your favorite teachers that will inspire & teach YOU how to create amazing projects of your own.
• How to define YOUR art space for maximum inspiration
Enjoy the workshop and more importantly, ENJOY YOUR SUMMER HOLIDAY!!!

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