ReBalance is Here!


Well ReBalance is finally here and I am beaming right now!

This project has been in the works for quite sometime and I couldn’t wait to tell you about it.  If you have noticed, I’ve been posting quite a bit lately about #teacherwellness and inspiring you to think more mindfully about self-care so you can he a happier teacher.

I’m on a mission my lovely readers. I am starting a WELLNESS REVOLUTION FOR TEACHERS. There is such a void and need for teachers to feel and be supported better. We are awesome at teaching our students to eat better, exercise, learn self-care and coping strategies and to feel good at school but what about all our lovely and hard working teachers and educators all over the world? Who is helping them?

Teacher burnout is so common and rising mind you, thanks to all the demands, expectations and accountability forced on educators. Stress, overwhelm, depression, anxiety, anger and frustration are huge in education and guess what? You start hearing these words as early as September/October!

As a teacher and principal I know what these words mean and the impact they have on our health and performance. I know what’s it’s like to have 4 hours of sleep every night as a principal, and I know all the stress triggers that the education system has. As a certified health and wellness coach, I also know that I need to do something about this NOW.

I’m not here to change the system. I’m here to change teacher wellness and create a revolution of happier and healthier teachers EVERYWHERE. I don’t care if you are a KG teacher, specialist, counsellor, or live in China. All I care is that you thrive and feel supported. Period.

That’s why I created ReBalance, a 10 month online support program just for teachers. There is absolutely nothing like this ANYWHERE. I know because I’ve been searching for this my whole career of 20 years! This is my baby and my way of providing what I always wanted and know that teachers all over the world crave: a school year with more peace, ease and joy.

Please visit ReBalance TODAY and learn more about this awesome program that will help you thrive in all areas of your life. Share this post with all your teacher friends and help me spread my wellness revolution!



Use this discount coupon valid until August 23, 2015. Click on the coupon to redeem. Can be shared with up to 3 other teachers so spread the love!




PS: Sign up for the ReBalance newsletter and receive tips and strategies plus FREE e-Book with three tools to help you have a great school year. Sign-up HERE.





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