Want to Hang Out With ME?

Hello lovely teachers all over the world!

You are officially entering the home stretch now at school and I am pretty sure that some if not most of you are feeling a tad overwhelmed with everything that you need to do before school is out? Am I right?

I want to help you!

As a former art teacher, Principal, and now coach and mentor, I figured a cool way that I can reach out and share my expertise and advice with you. Meet Google ‘hangout’. If you haven’t heard of Google Hangouts, then definitely look into it, when you are on holidays and sipping on that Margarita!

Come hangout with me if you need a place to be heard, get education and wellness advice, find inspiration or simply hay HI and connect with other like-minded soulful teachers like yourself. This is a place to receive love and SUPPORT from all corners of the globe! Each hangout will last for 50 minutes and it’s your opportunity to pick my brain and my opportunity to GIVE BACK to you for following Art Lessons for Kids- win-win don’t you think?

Click on the image below so it redirects you to the sign-up form so that I can get you on my HANGOUT list and be able to let you know when these take place. They are absolutely FREE and you will even get an audio copy of the hangout to keep.

If you haven’t signed up for the Soulful Teacher messages, definitely do this because they will make your day and just remind you of how awesome you really are 🙂

Thanks again lovely teacher and see you at the hangout!

Alejandra xx


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