More Self-Portraits!

What is your skin color?

It has become a tradition at my school now that I start the year with self-portrait lessons because the final projects become the covers of each student’s portfolio in time for the first student led conferences with parents.

So what kind of projects are happening in Ms. Ale’s class these days? Everything from giant cardboard self-portraits , white board practice portraits, portraits of a friend, Chuck close inspired self-portraits and much more. Stop by later this month to see the finished projects. So far, the kids are having a blast and I am loving teaching them!

Take a look at these other self-portrait lessons I have  put together into an e-book you can download  here.

Grade 2 Portraits of a Friend

Grade 2 Self-Portraits

Grade 1 Self-portrait practice with a mirror and a white board

Grade 1 Guided Lesson

Grade 4 Giant Self-portraits on Cardboard

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Louise Nevelson Art in Grade 5

I thought this project would be a great opportunity for kids to learn about a wonderful artist called Louise Nevelson and look at recycling with an artistic eye.
After discussing and researching who Lousie Nevelson was the students got into pairs to plan and make a drawing of how they envisioned their final project. They planned the materials they would bring from home and there was excitement in the air to make ‘recycled junk art’.

Every team got a large cardboard piece as their base. The first step was to place all their carboard boxes, bottles, bottle caps and plastic knick knacks in place.

Next step was glueing everything in place. This was messy but a lot of fun. make sure you have PLENTY of GLUE handy and water it down just a little and use your old brushes.


The final step was to spray paint the finished masterpiece. Louise Nevelson was famous for using black or white paint and very ocassionally gold or silver. All the teams names were put into a bag and I randomly chose who would spray paint black ,white ,gold and silver. Make sure one team gets gold and one silver and the rest black and white.

The kids loved spray painting but make sure they are all wearing art smocks, gloves, goggles and masks. This was the best part of the project because all the creations came to life! They named their projects and then went ahead to work on the written part of the assigments which was a research paper on Louise Nevelson.

Don’t these look fantastic?