The Soulful Teacher Messages

ALFK 4 Hearts

Dear Beautiful Teacher,

Need a pep talk? Pearls of wisdom? Someone to remind you of your TRUTH? These small messages will inspire you, ignite a spark, bring a smile to your face and help you remember how important you truly are.

Each message will be different. Some long, some short, some funny, some challenging but each one created and written to help your soul shine.

Who is a soulful teacher?

A soulful teacher leads a path for others, inspires, creates wonder, shows compassion, sensitivity, and LOVES what they do no matter what. The soulful teacher listens to that inner voice that gently whispers the truth, always guiding and reminding you to stay true to it every day with unfailing relentlessness.

These messages are here to remind you that YOU are a soulful teacher!

Please never ever forget this…


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