Living in China!

I am now living in China! It has been hard to find a way to blog from here but I finally figured it out. Now that I am somewhat settled in my new place and school I can start blogging again. Lots of art lessons and ideas coming soon to get you back into school mode.

I’m excited about this new school year and I hope you are too.

Enjoy the rest of your summer holidays :)

9 thoughts on “Living in China!

  1. Welcome to China! I’m starting my 5th year teaching art at an international school in China. Glad to have you here and excited to see how you might incorporate this host country into teaching ideas!

  2. Wow! Good for you! Our second graders wrote to a class there in China as one of our former teachers is teaching an ESL class in China. I taught the second graders how to paint a scroll, a kimono and a drgon kite. 3rd graders have learned about tangrams. We have watched how the chinese celebrate their new years through a DVD. I welcome any ideas about Chinese art for elementary students to do. So enjoy your art lessons and comments.

    • I am a full time principal now. Love the new challenge and role but will find a way to teach kids art–possibly in an after school activity. I am so happy I can finally access my WordPress blog so stay tuned for lots more lessons. I am so happy to be back. It’s tough living in a country that censors social networking sites. It has helped me wean off Facebook though! Have a great year!!

  3. HI there, are you based in Shanghai? If you are where do you buy your supplies in Shanghai? I am a kindergarten teacher in Shanghai and I am always looking for great ideas to incorporate in my lessons. Thanks for sharing your ideas and passion with us!

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