Falling Back Self Portraits in Grade Five

I saw this idea in  Oodles of Art and thought I would give it a try with my grade five class. I gave out 18×24 white paper and we discussed what someone falling back  might look like from a bird’s eye.

Next, everyone thought about a place they might like to ‘fall back ‘ into. It could be a real setting or make-believe.

Once everyone had chosen their background they were ready to begin drawing. They took off their shoes and outlined them at the bottom of the page- their shoe bottom should show the detailed texture found on the bottom of their shoe.  Next they outlined their hands  with open fingers on the sides of the paper. Have the students work in pairs with the outlining part of the lesson.

Finally the kids added their head and body and all of the details. They outlined their work with a black marker and colored in with pencils and crayons or oil pastels. A watered down paint wash was added to the background.

Pretty neat huh? See this slide show I made for more ideas.

2 thoughts on “Falling Back Self Portraits in Grade Five

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